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Have you had a letter from HMRC?

Have you had a letter from HMRC? It has come to our attention that various types of letters are going out to contractors. Don’t panic firstly, as receiving a letter doesn’t always mean you have done something wrong in the eyes of HMRC. Regardless of what methods you...

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Preparing Businesses for Leaving the EU

What can your firm do before 29 March 2019? As the clock continues to tick down to the 29 March 2019, when the UK is scheduled to officially leave the EU at 11 pm, there is still much uncertainty around what Brexit will mean for UK business. What is certain is that it...

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Onerous contracting schemes or Outsourced Employment?

For over 12 years there have been numerous “tax-efficient schemes” designed and promoted to the UK contractor market place and further afield by scheme providers and promoters. Most have come and gone as the Treasury and HMRC increasingly clamp down on anything...

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Professional Indemnity Insurance and Why You Need It!

Here's why you definitely need professional indemnity insurance Professional indemnity insurance hit news headlines earlier this month following the announcement of a new state-backed scheme to offer cover for clinical negligence claims to GPs working for the NHS....

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Changes to Probate in 2019

Controversial fee increase set to take place from April. From April 2019, some estates in England and Wales could be required to pay almost £6,000 for a service that currently costs less than 4% of that amount. This is because of a proposed change to the fees families...

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