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Why It’s Important for Contractors to Network Effectively 

An effective professional network can be the source of friendships, mentors and referrals. It’s important to treat your network as an area that needs to be nurtured and grown, with the same level of time and attention as you would a client.

For in the world of contracting, it can often feel like you’re running a lone ship – sailing towards your goals with different highs and lows to regular employees. You don’t share the same love for a Bank Holiday weekend or the frustrations of a bad line manager. You’re often in your own contractor bubble with your own worries and joys.

However, it’s important not to alienate yourself from permanent members of staff. Although you will be working on separate aspects, you will still be working under the same roof so it is important to build relationships with them. You never know who they may be connected to and how they may assist in securing your next contract. They could be more valuable to your career than you think, so don’t be too hasty in dismissing them.

In addition, social networking tools – and in particular LinkedIn – allow you to build a regular network with other industry professionals, previous employers and prospective clients, keeping you at the forefront of people’s minds for future contracts. So it’s wise to set up a profile and engage with these people online.

A solid network of contacts is valuable no matter the circumstances, so don’t miss out on the opportunities for networking in your everyday routine.

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